Adding Additional Lighting To Your Truck For Better Visibility On The Road And Off

Posted on: 30 March 2022

There are times when you need more light than your truck can provide, and adding custom truck lights could be the solution to enhance your visibility at night and in poor weather conditions. How much light you add and where you put the lights is crucial, and finding a balance of usable light for on-, and off-road use can be essential. 

Light Types 

The first step in adding custom truck lights to your vehicle is determining what you will use the lights for. Off-road driving often requires additional front-facing lights and some off to the sides of the truck to allow the best view of the road or trail.

You may also want to add some in the rear to ensure you can see when backing up in the dark, and they can be on a switch in the cab or wired directly into the backup light system on the truck, so they come on when you put the vehicle in reverse. 

If most of your driving is on the road, driving lights mounted low on the truck's front bumper can offer a lot of additional light on the road, and when adjusted correctly, they will provide light farther down the road than even your high beam headlights. You can also opt for amber-colored fog lights mounted in the same area, but these lights have a wider spread instead of a long one because they need to cut through fog and mist, not illuminate it.

LED Lights

Most driving lights, fog lights, and offroad lights are available in standard light types or LED lights that are bright, durable, and easier to maintain. You can choose either style for your truck, but the LED lights often use less power, and they are typically priced competitively with most other custom truck lights that you may consider using.

LED lights are also available in wide lightbars filled with light-emitting diodes that spread the light over a wide area. These bars can be mounted on the bumper, roof, or behind the grill of your truck, allowing you to adjust the lighting effect with the different positions. 

There are some smaller LED and standard lights that you can use in combination with the light bars to create a more custom truck lighting package, tailoring the light to the conditions you routinely drive in and making them more effective than the standard options on the market. 

Professional Installation

If you are not sure how to install custom truck lighting on your vehicle, you can take your truck to a shop that offers lighting installations, and they will install the system for you. Often a local off-road or 4x4 shop is an excellent place to start, and if you have not purchased lighting yet, these shops can help you select lights from the many options they sell, then install them on the truck for you. 

Contact an auto shop for more information about custom truck lighting