A Guide To Finding Quality Used Auto Parts

Posted on: 26 September 2017

Unless you are driving a brand new car from a dealership, at one time or another, you will need to replace your car parts. You can choose to go for brand new parts; but these tend to be quite pricey.

You can also opt for used auto parts which are much cheaper; but where and how do you ensure that you get good quality parts at affordable prices?

Collision Repair Teams

Your first stop should be the person you're taking the vehicle to for collision repairs. They are used to shopping for high quality used parts for collisions, and they can incorporate that lower cost into the final price of the work they do. 

Your Local Junkyard

You can source some parts from the junkyard. If you choose this option, mainly go for body parts such as doors, mirrors, axles, interiors, engines, lights and suspension parts.

Most generic junkyards do not price their parts according to models so you can get very good deals compared to dealerships, especially if you drive a top-end model. For example, a radiator from a Toyota and one from a Mercedes Benz will most likely cost the same.

If you dread the junkyard or do not want to get your hands dirty then auto recycle or online shops may be an option.

Auto Recyclers

Recycling shops are more organized than traditional junkyards and also offer value for money, shipping and sometimes a limited warranty, say for 60 days.

Online Shops

It is easier to source your used auto parts online. You'll need to enter your car model, the year of manufacture and the part you want and the price will appear. Most online used auto part shops provide shipping services.

Tips to finding auto parts

  • Have your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) at hand to help select the right part for your car. This will ensure compatibility of the part with your car.

  • Ask for a warranty, read and understand terms.

  • Do a background check on the dealer through Google reviews.

  • Use a credit card to pay, in case of future disputes.

  • First do a local search. This will help in case you have to collect the item yourself.

  • Find out if the part can be exchanged or returned.

  • Always buy rare parts in person

Final Thoughts

Buying used auto parts is a great way to save money on your auto-repair bills. You can find these parts in junkyards, recycling dealerships or online.

For you to get a good deal, you'll need to pay attention to issues such as compatibility with your car, warranty, credibility of the dealer and distance.